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Smarty pants

Full warning: that is pants = underwear. I’m not American. This is a post about underwear! There are no photos of underwear actually being worn, however, so it should be safe for work. I am going to talk about crotch … Continue reading

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I’m still working on the Harlequin jacket. It’s been slow going, partly because there have been other things going on (18/19 Jul: on a course. 20 Jul: BIRTHDAY! 21 Jul: all day LARP. 22 Jul: mildly concussed, decided to stay … Continue reading

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The Saga of the Glastonbury Shorts

This is the epic saga of the Glastonbury Shorts and the reason why I love them so much, despite their unassuming nature and messy construction. As you are swelteringly aware if you live in the UK and not down a … Continue reading

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Harlequin jacket – part two

Cutting the pattern for the Harlequin jacket was pretty uneventful. Comparing my measurements (a distinctly pear-shaped 39-33-43) to the sizes on the envelope, I came out as an 18 at the hip and a 14 at the bust. I was … Continue reading

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Harlequin jacket – part one

So, I am currently partway through making my very first jacket. The story begins with the jacket Rabbit (the singer) is wearing in this Steam Powered Giraffe video (you can get a good look at it full-length at 0.51): It’s … Continue reading

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Hello world!

I stumbled on the wonderful world of the sewing blogosphere not too long ago (via links from the Guardian, where Karen of Did You Make That? now contributes, and it was probably inevitable that I would end up starting my own … Continue reading

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