The Accidental Vest

This was supposed to be a waistcoat – another return to the snug reliability of Lekala 5016. After two black ones I wanted a grey one to go with my other suit, and this time I tried nipping in the side seams a fraction to eliminate the annoying loose bit at the hip (entirely mea culpa; see my post about version #1 for how I managed to do this). However, it seems I misjudged it a bit.

The net result was that I didn’t have enough overlap at the front to put on buttons, so I ended up simply sewing the front closed. Hence the Accidental Vest (that’s a UK vest, not an American vest). It still looks smart.


It is symmetric, honest. The dress form is leaning.


I lined it with more of the blue-and-silver quilting cotton from V8772 version two.


Topstitched all the way round, although with this fabric I could probably have just about gotten away without doing this. It’s absolutely gorgeous stuff – extra-fine pure merino wool, very lightweight for wool but snuggly warm – and for the princely price of £8 for a metre of 150cm cloth. Where did I happen upon this bounty, I hear you cry? Oxfam. Their online shop has listings for a bunch of the more interesting things they’ve been given, and the Household section has a lot of good fabric – some donated by individuals, some by companies – usually in cut lengths between 1 and 3m. Some if it is very high quality, and the prices are reasonable.

Overall, despite the boo-boo with the buttons (well, lack of them) I love this. It’s lovely and warm – exactly what you want now we’re heading properly into winter – and fits beautifully.


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