V8772 #5: Blue diamonds

So, I mentioned a little while ago that I’d ordered some fabric with the aim of getting more blue into my wardrobe, as I like blue and am told it goes with my eyes, but I don’t actually have that many blue things. And when I saw this on the Laughing Hedgehog sale section …


… I decided to make it mine pretty much on the spot. It’s design 2 from Robert Kaufman’s Satsuki collection, in blue with red accents (there is also a green-with-yellow colourway) and at time of writing Laughing Hedgehog still had some.


For some reason this shirt looks fine on me but wrong on my dress form, no matter how I tilt the form or the camera or rearrange the shirt. This is the least worst of the photos and gives an idea of the scale of the pattern relative to the garment, at least.


I decided I’d put on a bias-cut placket, to break up the pattern a bit and thereby avoid having to pattern-match all those weensy little diamonds all the way down the front. This is when I discovered that this fabric, though relatively well-behaved when cut on either grain, is stretchy as anything on the bias and arrgh arrgh arrgh. I had to unpick and re-sew the topstitching on that placket four times. On the other placket, I decided to throw all the pins at it from the outset, and happily only had to redo it once.

The buttons are plastic with metal edges, and were 10p a shot from SCRAP. Can I say again how much I love that place? I love that place. I sewed all but two of them (six for the front, two for each cuff) whilst watching Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. I conclude from this that it takes me about twenty minutes to sew on a button …


Despite being my fifth make of this pattern, it was the first time I’d attempted it with long sleeves. Doing the cuffs wasn’t nearly as difficult as I’d feared – a bit fiddly in places, but no more difficult than the collar. (The fact that I managed to put the buttonholes on the wrong edge of the cuff the first time I tried is entirely my own fault.)

Here’s the collar, standing up very nicely:


I’m incredibly pleased with this one – I tried a handful of new things with few problems, conquered some fabric issues and ended up with a smart but eye-catching shirt.

… I haven’t quite had the nerve to wear it to work yet, but I’ll get there.


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