Hero Pants!

Yes, they merit the exclamation mark.


There is a saying in LARP – or at least at our LARP club – that you can gauge the power of a wizard by the length of their dress and the mightiness of a hero by the volume of their trousers. Trouser volume is measured in ferrets (as in “how many ferrets could you fit in these trousers”)* and the higher the ferret-rating, the more heroic the trousers.

On a marginally more serious note, a lot of LARPers favour the Extremely Baggy Trouser because it looks vaguely historical without pinning you to a particular period, it’s practical for fighting in, non-fitted and therefore lendable (kit is expensive, and new players will almost always be wearing borrowed kit for quite a while) and also, if you’re making your own gear, obscenely easy to make.

These are destined to be part of a costume for an upcoming character of my partner’s, but conveniently we have the same hip measurement and so to spare his blushes the photos have me in them instead.


Pattern is Butterick 5044, which is a super-easy generic elasticated-waist pattern – the largest size, widened 4-5 cm, lengthened as far as would fit on the fabric, and with the front crotch curve re-sketched to give a bit more room. (Ahem.) They were squeezed out of a 70x114cm remnant of what I think is cotton/elastane, from Samuel Taylor – it handles nicely, is a little shiny and a little stretchy, but burns to ash rather than melts. The background is black, with a gorgeous watery-looking blue stripe.


I elasticated the waist (got it wrong the first time and had to tinker – the inside waistband is a total mess) and the hems, and they hit just below the knee on me and just above on his. The elasticated hems I’m quite proud of – they came out really nicely and wiggling the elastic through the casing didn’t take too long.


I’ve mentioned before – in reference to this very pattern – how satisfying it is to be able to plonk down a bit of fabric on the table and have a new garment at the end of the evening. And of course then you get to prat about in it with a sword wear it afterwards.



*Ferrets are not LARP-safe. Do not try this at home.


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