Colour-blocked waistcoat

This was actually my last project of 2013, finished on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve. I’d been saving it in order to blog alongside the accompanying pair of trousers, but those are in the unfinished pile until I feel ready to face them once again, so here is the waistcoat by itself.


This is the fourth version of my go-to waistcoat pattern, Lekala 5016, this time with the side seams slightly tinkered with to remove some of the excess around my middle. I also added pockets!


The pockets are the full width of the side front panel, and are stitched into the seams and stitched to the lower edge before hemming. They have a little strip of the contrast colour across the top and the same lining as the waistcoat body.

Not much to say about this one, really. I took the fabric down in a carrier bag to my parents’ place over New Year because I wanted something to make while I was there (and also my mum had promised me a go on her super-shiny Elna). The front centre panels are the dark red fabric I bought at the Knitting and Stitching Show with the intent of making it into trousers (but see above for fate of said trousers) – I was hoping I’d have enough for a whole waistcoat but couldn’t quite make all the pieces go. The side front panels and the back are the remains of the grey extrafine merino I used for Lekala iteration 3; the side back panels and the detail half-belt are in the red. I ended up cutting the back and half-belt in two pieces (rather than on the fold) in order to get everything to fit, but it looks fine to me. Lining is a bright red slippery polyester that I’ve had in my stash longer than I’ve had a stash.


There’s something subtly off about the fit at the top right; I’ll have to wear it a bit more to figure out exactly what it is. It’s not serious, by any means, but just noticeable enough (to me) to bug me. I’m thinking it’s possibly the same issue of my asymmetric bust that made the fit on the upper right quadrant of my first couple of fitted shirts a little odd. I ended up fixing that by unpicking the right front dart and resewing it so the top was about an inch lower; I’m still pondering how would be best to make the equivalent adjustment in a princess seam. I suspect it involves cutting a new set of right front pattern pieces. Blergh.


The buttons are grey and came from my mum’s button stash (… menagerie? hive? I think they breed in there). I think the touch of grey at the centre front works nicely to balance things out. Also unfortunately prominent: wonky topstitching. You can’t see it from a distance, honest.

So that’s four me-made waistcoats, and I doubt it’ll stop there. As someone who works in an office, dresses fairly butch, and gets cold incredibly easily, they are the best. thing. for winter workwear – a smart, work-appropriate, dapper overlayer that doesn’t get in the way of typing the way that something with sleeves does. There may well end up being more before winter finally skulks off into the southern hemisphere.


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