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“D’you want to know how I got this jacket …?”

Once upon a time in 2008, I was browsing a charity shop for something good to wear for Hallowe’en, and I saw the jacket. Knee-length, shiny purple. And of course I bought it, and I wore it to the Fab Café Hallowe’en … Continue reading

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Adventures with sleeves

I recently made the By Hand London Victoria blazer, and I love it very much. It’s deceptively simple, it’s comfy, it’s swanky; I want to make it in every colour of the rainbow. The only thing that bugged me about … Continue reading

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Rouge et noir

After making the White Devil costume with its faux panels, I decided to have a go at doing a version of the original pattern with actual bodice panels and seeing what it looked like. I’ve made V8772 six times previously (1-4, 5, … Continue reading

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V8772 #6: Purple at last

I’m not entirely sure what I think about this one. It’s yet another Vogue 8772 – my sixth. (Numbers 1-4, five.) It’s a lovely mottled purple (it looks kind of blue in the photos, but it’s purple) with long sleeves … Continue reading

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Somewhere to put the fabric

There is a subset of clothes with which the goal of the exercise is to display this fabric on yourself, and the actual garment is just a way of getting it there. This is a tiny corner of my favourite … Continue reading

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A jacket!

I MADE A JACKET. I love wearing jackets. They’re an extra layer, they’re smart, and they tend to emphasise the shoulders, which I like. Alas, they are hard to find in interesting colours (dishonourable exception: the orange-and-black floral Topshop effort … Continue reading

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A kyrtill for #ShieldmaidenMarch

It’s March. This is still a little mind-boggling. But yes, it’s daylight when I leave work now, and the weather’s picking up, and the park up the road is covered in crocuses; it’s spring. (Finally.) This means it’s time for … Continue reading

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I put on my robe and wizard hat

Another new character, another epic kit project. This time it’s my partner’s new character, a wizard, and a proper spectacles-on-nose, fussy, bookish wizard at that; the only thing he’s missing is the badger-losing beard, as in our setting at least … Continue reading

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