V8772 #6: Purple at last


I’m not entirely sure what I think about this one.

It’s yet another Vogue 8772 – my sixth. (Numbers 1-4, five.) It’s a lovely mottled purple (it looks kind of blue in the photos, but it’s purple) with long sleeves and the inner collar, button placket and cuffs done in a darker, shiny purple. It’s very … something. Possibly I’m just jaded about it, given that this has been quite literally six months in the making – most recently, it spent three months lurking on the back of my sewing chair waiting for cuff buttons, of all the stupid things.


The self fabric is quilting cotton – Fabric Freedom H50-15 Lilac – from Samuel Taylor; I got it dirt-cheap out of the remnants rack as it came in two odd-shaped bits rather than continuous yardage. The contrast is some sort of synthetic that also came from the Samuel Taylor remnants rack waaaaay back when I had a brand-new sewing machine and no clue what to do with it, and which has been gradually eaten up on details and linings ever since.


The cotton behaves beautifully. The synthetic does not. It frays like there’s no tomorrow. I barely had enough seam allowance left to turn the final edge under when closing the collar, and when it came to the cuffs the fraying was so bad that there actually wasn’t enough. I hid the raw edges under some black and purple ribbon that I think I got in early 2013 during the sell-all-the-Christmas-things markdown; thankfully it’s not immediately obvious as Christmas-themed.


Sewing down the ribbon on the inside of the cuff meant unlovely exposed stitching lines on the right side, especially unhelpful as I had no purple thread and was working with a co-ordinating off-pink – it’s not intrusive in the places where it shows accidentally, but a flat line of it round the back of the cuff is a bit … off. I plan to wear this with the sleeves rolled up, but even so, it bugs me.


The buttons are from SCRAP (who have recently moved to amazing new premises; if you are within fabric-shopping distance of Leeds, GO THERE) and do not all match. They’re similar, but are actually two sets, one bigger and darker grey, one smaller and lighter. I alternated them to look neat. I’ve also belatedly realised that you can’t see the alternation in any of the photos, so oh well.

The placket wouldn’t press meaningfully so came out a trifle bubbly, and then the aforementioned persistent fray issue meant it only just turned under on the wrong side. I sewed the buttons through all the layers to help anchor it, and finally whipstitched the edge to get it to stay put.


Now it’s finally done I’m not sure what to do with it. My instinct is that with the ultra-shiny ultra-purple collar and cuff contrast it’s a bit much for work – on the other hand my workplace is pretty relaxed. EDIT: Since original draft I have worn it to work, and it was fine.

It looks good with the sleeves rolled up (and hides the dodgy stitching on the cuffs) so it’ll probably end up, like its other V8772 siblings, as a casual overlayer during the tricky spring->summer transition: I get cold very easily and can need two layers even in summer, and a shirt worn over a T-shirt or tank top is a nice solution.



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