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Me-Made May 2014

April 30th! I’m not quite sure where the month’s gone. (I’m sure it was February just recently …) Anyway, tomorrow we head into May, and with it one of the landmark events of the sewing blogosphere year: Me-Made May.

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The Winter Coco

So! I do love my superhero movies, and the current Avengers-centric movies have IMO been pretty good as the genre goes (except Iron Man 2.) The second Captain America movie was released earlier in April, and it’s not a spoiler to say that the Winter Soldier … Continue reading

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Least Tasteful Item

I wrote a little while ago about the Topshop jacket that currently holds the title for Least Tasteful Item in my wardrobe but, sadly, doesn’t actually fit. (If you happen to be a UK14 and love really loud prints, drop … Continue reading

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Two things in the sewing blogosphere have recently had me thinking about gaps in my wardrobe, and specifically gaps in my home-made wardrobe. One is the Colette Wardrobe Architect project, ongoing and in its last stages; the other is Me-Made … Continue reading

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The Geeky Seamstress nominated me for a Liebster Award! It seems to be one of those things of which the origins have been lost in the mists of Internet, but the general principle is that it’s a way of prompting … Continue reading

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