Tentacular Ham


So this was made ages ago, but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the five (5) finished and un-blogged garment projects I made since my last post and wanted to write about something a) quick, b) silly and c) which I already had photos of.

I did without a pressing ham for ages, generally making do with a bundled-up towel. Then one day I decided I needed one. But why make a boring plain pressing ham when I could make … a MONSTER HAM?

This little guy’s name is Nietzsche (he gazes also into you) and he has two pattern pieces: a pointed oval and a wonky tracing of my finger. I cut four of the first and 18 of the latter.


After that the steps went like this:

1. Sew two pairs of ovals together into sort of dish shapes.

2. Sew 9 pairs of finger-shapes together and turn them inside out, to be tentacles.


3. Pin dish shapes right sides together, with tentacles trapped inside. Leave gap for stuffing. Sew together. Turn right side out.



4. Stuff with fabric scraps until reasonably solid.

5. Close gap.

6. Frankenstein-appliqué huge bloodshot eye over the top. Contemplate adding additional eyes. Decide life is too short.

7. Gaze lovingly upon your creation (maniacal laughter optional)


About Craft (Alchemy)

I make things and make things up.
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1 Response to Tentacular Ham

  1. A ham HP Lovecraft would approve of!

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