One Week, One Pattern

So way back I signed up to be part of One Week, One Pattern – the sewing blog challenge where you wear an iteration of the same pattern every day for a week. “First week of September?” I thought. “Easy. I shall show off my vast range of Thurlow trousers and how they transition effortlessly between home and office!”

Then life intervened, and before I knew it I had 5-7 September committed to a LARP event in Hebden Bridge and 11-13 September to a spur-of-the-moment getaway in Carlisle. So that was me out of Leeds for half the week, and a rather wider range of situations to accommodate on the clothes front than planned for …

I did manage it, in the end (Thurjeans/Red Thurlows/Check Thurlows) but with the unfortunate deficiences of a) barely any photos, and b) being away from the internet most of the time and so not really getting in on the daily-update thing which was part of the point. Here are two of the few photos I did get, from either end of the week. I’m wearing the same pair of Thurjeans in both.

From Saturday 6th, accessorised with goggles and throwing knife (LARP-safe) …


And from Friday 12th, paired with oversized Welsh dragon T-shirt, looking like an utter idiot sat on a cannon at Carlisle Castle (er, sorry, English Heritage):


The moral of the story is that a good pair of jeans is (are?) appropriate anywhere and also that I am basically still twelve at heart.


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  1. Those are inspirational pics, you look like you’re having a lot of fun!

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