Red Nettie

I made this in August. The weather is different now!

So, I originally picked up the Closet Case Nettie bodysuit pattern with underwear in mind – specifically, an undermost layer that would protect the crucial zone just below the waist where leggings creep downwards and tops upwards. Does everyone have this problem? Or is it just an artefact of my 3:4 waist:hip ratio?

Speaking of, my bust and waist measurements fit the size 16 for this pattern; my hips, on the other hand, are larger than the 18. Once I’d assembled the PDF, I drew on what was effectively an extra size (the Nettie has a consistent grade, helpfully) at the crotch and hip area, then curved the side seam to meet the 16 at waist height.


The fabric is 94% viscose/6% lycra jersey from Calico Laine. Made in the UK, too! It’s beautiful stuff – a gorgeous colour, slinky, comfortable, lovely to wear, sew and cut … and a gigantic pain in the neck to lay out. It slid and stretched and crumpled whenever I tried to move the cutting mat around to get to the next bit. Does anyone have good tips for cutting slinky knits? I haven’t had especial problems sewing them – just cutting!

It was a very quick sew once I’d managed to get the thing cut, and would have been quicker still if I hadn’t had to fix my walking foot partway through. The foot is a Janome one; my machine is a Brother. They both take universal feet, but the screw that holds the needle in place must stick out further on a Janome – on my machine it’s quite flat-headed, and so the lever on the walking foot kept jumping off sideways. A magnet fixed it nicely!


I cut the neck binding way too short – not quite sure how – and ended up splicing in an extra piece as I couldn’t face unpicking all those triple zigzags. Also, with one eye to LARP wear and the possibility of needing to swiftly undo behind a tree in freezing weather, I closed the crotch fastening with velcro instead of poppers. It’s inelegant, but hey, you can open and close velcro with gloves on.


I have ended up wearing it a lot as normal clothes, though! It’s amazingly comfy and manages the neat trick of being extremely close-fitting without being either uncomfortable or unflattering. (The Elf loves it.) It’s not perfect: the shoulders are a bit too narrow and the shoulder seams hit a bit too far forward; and it’s a touch too long in the back, with a bit of fabric pooling in the kidney region. I can’t feel it, but it’s visible and I’ll fix it the next time I make the pattern. There’ll definitely be a next time!



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