After working on a complicated project for ages (hellooooo V1419!) I desperately needed something quick and fun before diving headlong into another complicated project (… er, V1419 again). I cut this out one evening, sewed it up the next, and bam, instant finished-object fix.


Not much to say, really. This top is another Closet Case Nettie, this time as a long T-shirt rather than a bodysuit (I literally just omitted the crotch flaps – it comes down well over my hips and is A+ on the warm midriff front). I sewed it up in some slinky 94% viscose / 6% elastane that I picked up from Samuel Taylor’s during the Northern Sewists meetup in August.


(Looking at that photo I’m not entirely sure where the side seam’s going. I think it’s the way I’m holding my arm; it’s in the right place most of the time.)

Worn under a jacket this is eminently plain and sensible adult-wear. Without one, however …


Business in the front, dragon in the back! Yes, I am still inwardly seven. The spines are some scraps of grey cotton ponte left over from my Coco top. You can also observe in this one how the black fabric is terrible for picking up bits of hair, thread, fluff, and anything else available. The ridge over my back right pocket is where I’ve tucked the top in, or rather not tucked it far enough – that’s how long it is.

The denim jacket is a men’s one I picked up at a charity shop … four? years ago and festooned with badges. It can pass for punk-ish at a distance, but up close it’s deeply nerdy: I got most of these in my three summers working at Shakespeare’s Globe.



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2 Responses to Dragonettie

  1. Very cool! I remember once seeing a top with a similar thing set into the top seam of raglan sleeves and I’ve always wanted one.

  2. That is a cool idea. I’ve never really liked raglan sleeves (no idea why) but it’d be easy enough to put something similar into a regular set-in sleeve piece … hmm …

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