Top 5s for 2014: Misses


Happy New Year!

I have not quite adjusted to this 2015 business, and am still finishing up what has become an annual tradition in le sewing blogosphere – looking back over the year in sewing, and picking out Top 5s – Hits, Misses, Reflections and Goals. The annual list-fest is hosted by Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow and the 2014 intro post is here. To see all the posts I’ve done for 2014 click here

Top 5 “3, sir, 3!” for 2014: Misses

I made a lot more garments this year than last, and attempted a bunch of new things. These are the ones that didn’t quite work, largely based on the same metric I used for the Hits: have I been wearing it? These might will work if I can muster the will to go back and fix, or they might be relegated to the costume box; happily there’s nothing I’ve had to straight-up throw out.

Blue V1419


V1419 is a beast of a pattern to put together – nearly all curved seams – and I found out the hard way from this version that the range of fabrics it works in is pretty narrow. You need a certain stiffness to get the proper shape; too stiff, though, and the seams won’t go together without ineradicable wrinkles.

The cotton drill on this one might have been OK on its own, but I block-interfaced it and I suspect that’s the heart of the issue. I don’t particularly want to go back and strip the interfacing out of the seam allowances, though, so a mystery it will remain.

This was a bit of a madcap make in any case and it doesn’t sadden me too much to shrug and add it to the costume pile. I’ll probably take it to Rockets & Rayguns IV: 250,000 Miles From Earth in September.

Joker Jacket


This one, however, is a bit more of a loss. The Joker Jacket was planned to replace a much-beloved and long-lost RTW jacket (I wore it constantly for eight glorious months in 2008-09, then left it on a train).

It hasn’t, sadly. I’ve worn it a few times, but it’s not warm enough for a full-on winter coat, too warm for a light jacket, and – more of an issue – just doesn’t quite fit. The shoulders are over-broad, which is visible on the hanger in the photo above and I’m not quite sure how I missed it at the time. Tweaking CB on the fly put the pockets in the wrong place. The faux notched collar, while I’m still proud of myself for working out how to construct it, leaves a very bulky edge at CF and never sits quite flat. The hem ditto, because one fabric is so much heavier than the other.

I would dearly like to fix it because I do still need that purple jacket in my life, but given that the alterations I want would basically require taking it apart, reshaping bits and putting it back together … it’s not high on the list. I might have enough purple left to recut or partly recut the back. I’m not sure.

Blue Victoria 


Many of the issues with the Joker Jacket are of my own making – I altered that pattern a lot. Some of them also showed up in my first run at the Victoria blazer, though: notably, the back/shoulders are too wide (again, visible in the photos …), the pockets fall in an odd spot (at least on me), the sleeve cap is mad high, and the whole thing is more boxy than I like. Ah well; it’s not always possible to know whether a pattern works on you til you put it on, and in this case I think not.


All of these were useful things to have made, nonetheless. For V1419, the blue version was effectively a third toile, and was a valuable practice run for the final, successful version.

With the Victoria, though I’m largely happy with my third version (the Least Tasteful Item) – though it’s still a bit big across the back – I don’t think I’ll be making it again. That leaves a jacket-shaped gap in my list of base patterns, and I shall have to think what to fill it with. Maybe V8958? It has the waist definition I need, and that purple version … hmm …

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1 Response to Top 5s for 2014: Misses

  1. Carolyn says:

    Jackets/blazers are tough to fit, but once you figure it out, it’s so worth it! Personally I find that I like my blazers pretty fitted. The Victoria looks cute on a lot of people, but I agree with you – it’s too boxy for my taste. I hope you find your perfect purple jacket in the new year. Looking forward to following along! 🙂

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