MyImage M1253 with red detail


Not much to report here. These are another set of MyImage M1253 trousers, this time nominally view B (the only difference is that the inset panel is plain rather than pleated). In the original only the front leg is pieced; this time I took the back leg apart to make the pattern pieces smaller, as I was piecing them out of remnants.

The back leg is now four pieces – lower leg, knee, and a princess-seamed upper leg/bum section, which handily eliminates the back waist dart/pleat thing that the first version ended up with. I topstitched all the seam details (everything but the inseam and outseam) with a double needle, one row of black, one of purple. It helps to show up the piecing a bit.


Once again I made these up in a stable-ish knit – the same stuff as previously, as it happens – all the bits were left over from other projects (Winter Coco, M1253 v1, my red leather trousers). It’s heavyish cotton jersey originally from Tia Knight Fabrics. It’s amazingly warm and comfy, but, as is unfortunately apparent, collects fluff like there’s no tomorrow. It also has no elastane, so had started to bag and acquire wrinkles by the time of these photos.


I like the vague hint of sportswear or superhero gear and, uh, may have deliberately played up the latter in the pictures.


The only issue with this pattern is that I can’t figure out where to put pockets. I basically never use back patch pockets, and I suspect slash or inseam pockets would bag out badly in this fabric given its track record. Reinforcing the pocket edge with twill tape or similar might help but not certain. Any thoughts on pockets in knits?

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6 Responses to MyImage M1253 with red detail

  1. Oh very cool! I love the red piece.

    With pockets I think I’d try front jeans style pockets (don’t know the technical name for them) and stick something like organza strips or clear elastic in the opening edge. I think you’re right that inseam pockets would bag out.

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  3. Andie L. says:

    Those look awesome. 🙂 I love the shots. You look like a superhero. 🙂

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