A sweater dress-tunic-thing

The Jasper sweater by Paprika Patterns is named after the semiprecious stone, but to me Jasper will always be the name of my short-lived first character in Savage Tide. This is his meeple:


And this is what happened to him:


RIP Jasper, eviscerated by a dinosaur who had more rogue levels than he did. Alas. Such are the traps that wait for the unwary.

There were no actual dinosaurs lying in wait for me, but I fell into just about every sewing trap there is and it was entirely my own fault. Things I did not do:

  • read the printing instructions (and was duly tripped up by the fact that the layout has a blank page between 35 and 36.)
  • read the size chart correctly (luckily, spotted this before I’d done anything completely irretrievable …)
  • read the instructions (I mostly got away with this, except …)
  • test the welt pockets on my self fabric beforehand

It’s a miracle it’s wearable, really. This is no reflection whatsoever on the drafting or sizing; it is entirely attributable to me being a lazy muppet.

The pattern recommends a sweatshirt knit with little to no stretch; I took a gamble on the latter point and used a woven. This was another big remnant of Hainsworths Elite Pro (pool-table baize in another life) from SCRAP, which I’ve used before for the Joker Jacket. It’s 70-30 wool-nylon. The inside of the roo-pocket calls for cotton jersey to save bulk; I used some red cotton ponte left over from these leggings.


My vital stats are (ish) 40-35-47, and I ended up grading 7-8-9 on the Paprika Patterns size chart. The result is nicely comfy at bust and waist and on the snug side of comfy at the hip – it has about 2″ of ease there, which isn’t all that much when it has to go over a trouser waistband. Between that, the fabric having no stretch whatsoever, and with the hem being slightly pegged in, this means a certain amount of wiggling to get it over my hips. It also rides up when I sit down. Next time I’ll either go up a size at the hip or just use a narrower seam allowance – I only need a tiny bit more space. I might leave off the bottom band as well.

rj-back1 I don’t buy many patterns. I like looking at new releases, but I rarely buy them: I’ve already got tried-and-true stalwarts for most of the garments I need. The Jasper, however, struck me as an excellent base for duplicating one of my most-worn RTW items. It’s a sort of cap-sleeved jumper-tunic (this is jumper=knitted pullover, not jumper=pinafore as US English alleges to be the case) that’s perfect for pulling on over a long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans. No longer will I miss it terribly when it’s in the wash! Here they are together:


I love the huge cosy collar! I can’t put my finger on what era it reminds me of; anyone better versed in fashion history able to help me out? Definitely going to try the hood variation as well.



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2 Responses to A sweater dress-tunic-thing

  1. Andie L. says:

    I really like your Jasper dress/tunic. That colour is definitely your colour. 🙂

  2. I’m beginning to think I should look at my colour palette again but treat red as a neutral – it goes with everything! The Jasper is a really good pattern; I heartily recommend it should you be thinking of making it yourself.

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