V8772: Rocket Edition


Necessity is the mother of invention. In this case, when I spotted this light blue fabric on the Pin It & Stitch stall at the Knitting & Stitching Show, it was suddenly extremely necessary that I make a shirt out of it and wear rockets to work, because rockets. The invention came when the nice lady on the stall unrolled it, measured and told me apologetically that there was only one-and-three-quarter metres left.

“I’ll take it,” I said breezily, announcing to my mother that I could easily do it if I switched out the shoulder darts for a back yoke and cut that and various other bits in a contrasting fabric. We spent the next three hours scrutinising every blue cotton in the Show, swatch in hand. (Even for a fellow sewer who Understands about dithering over fabric choice, Mum was supernaturally patient with this bit.) Eventually we found one that not only co-ordinated but also had rockets on!


I then did nothing with it for a month, as I’d just finished V1419 and was a little burned out. I packed up the fabric and pattern when I went south to see my folks for Christmas, and sewed most of it up while I was at my parents’. I did this last year as well. There’s something very nice about working in my mum’s sewing room – the room is lovely, she has just about every notion or supply one could need, and her machine runs like a dream.

After Christmas, I left it on the end of the wardrobe rail for two months because I couldn’t quite face making all those buttonholes. Got around to the buttonholes. Agonized over what buttons to put in them. Opted for contrast buttons. Sewing them all on took me an entire session of Dungeons & Dragons and half an episode of Wolf Hall.


This was my first garment with tower plackets (instead of the simple continuous lap the pattern gives.) I used this tutorial and I LOVE THEM.

Main: 1.75m of “Rocket Age – Blast Off” in light blue, by October Afternoon for Riley Blake – from Pin It and Stitch, at the Knitting & Stitching Show

Contrast: 0.5m of “Zoom” in teal, from Birch Organic Fabric – from The Eternal Maker at the Knitting & Stitching Show

Pattern: Good old V8772 view D, adapted to have a back yoke instead of shoulder darts.




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2 Responses to V8772: Rocket Edition

  1. Erika Arens says:

    I love it! So cool that you found two coordinating fabrics with rockets on them!

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