I have a leopard. Do you have a leopard?

So in our Friday night D&D campaign, one of the other characters had a familiar – a giant spider. The player in question brought a plushie spider along to the game and used it as a prop: talking to it where appropriate, puppeting it when the spider was doing things, occasionally throwing it at other people’s heads, that sort of thing.

My character has a leopard.


So I made a leopard.


I used the cat pattern from McCall’s 6485 (includes patterns for a cat, dog, horse, frog and hippo) but with the legs from the hippo variant. The fabric is some sort of synthetic short-pile faux fur from B&M Fabrics in Kirkgate Market. The eyes and nose came from Samuel Taylor.


I put the nose on a bit too high and so it looks permanently surprised. I also think I got the ears on backwards. Oh well.


It’s stuffed with jersey scraps and is just about solid enough to stand on its own.


I can’t quite get over how hapless it looks.


I’m thinking of making a bigger one to go on the back of the sofa.

About Craft (Alchemy)

I make things and make things up.
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