My oldest UFO, in numbers



I have a stash. I am seriously crunched for storage space. What I need to do is use some of it, but an interim palliative is reorganisation. In particular, I recently got fixated on one shelf that had remained quietly undisturbed since I moved into my little flat – the shelf containing my oldest unfinished object.

This dates from the dawn of my sewing career, when I was only making LARP kit. I was still getting to grips with the very basics of sewing and hadn’t ventured into garments that needed fitting. Pretty much all the seams in this are straight lines.

But you can do a lot with straight lines …

Date started: June 2012.

I remember hand-stitching the square log-cabin panels whilst watching the London Olympics.

Hem circumference: ~6.2m.

It is too big to lay properly flat anywhere in the house.


Total pieces: 125.

As I tend to do even now when drafting pieced/patchwork-type things (e.g. this quiltlet) I worked out the layout on squared paper, and then scaled up to get my pattern pieces. I’m usually very good about keeping sketches, but can’t find this one. I did find a sketch of one of the other patterns I considered, though.


Pins retrieved: 292.

With the full-size pieces cut, I’d pinned this together, complete, to check that the jigsaw did in fact go together and I hadn’t accidentally cut anything backwards … then put it away, pins still in. Getting it back out has roughly tripled my pin reservoir.

Date finished: 20 May 2015.


I never did build the character this was originally intended for, but as luck would have it I have a fire mage character at the minute for whom it works beautifully.

It is a full circle and the hem is quite rigid – I just turned and stitched it – so it spins out like a dream.


Also wearing in these pictures: me-made kimono costume jacket, unblogged; red Nettie; red/black leggings; refashioned boots.

Many thanks to friend and fellow LARPer Matt for taking the outdoor photos. 


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2 Responses to My oldest UFO, in numbers

  1. Those colours really suit you!

  2. Thank you! Red is definitely becoming a neutral in my wardrobe …

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