Small projects

It’s summer and I have a hunger for projects I can do in one evening. Also I recently threw a mostly-finished button-up shirt into a corner and am a wee bit burned out on wovens and their fitting woes; I love me a good shirt, but I have spent a couple of weeks emulating Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow and embracing the joys of knits.

First off, repairs: these are my messy jeans, which I must’ve had for … eight years? I’m pretty sure the liberal dusting of cream-coloured paint dates from the shed I built in 2007. A while back they were retired even from messy duty when the entirety of the left back leg ripped out. I dug them out, patched a hole on the inner thigh and mended the tear in the back leg. (This is how repairs always go: sat in the pile for months, repair itself takes 20 minutes.) The mend was going to be very visible in any case, so I put some piping in it as well. Feature!


And now some t-shirts: these are based on the torso of the Nettie bodysuit from Closet Case Files, cut off at the line where you would add the skirt panel for the dress version, and with short sleeves. Fabric is 95/5 viscose/lycra from Tia Knight – I’ve discovered I really like viscose for T-shirts; it’s soft.

#1: Rainbows!


#2: What do you see in this pattern?


It’s butterflies – you can make out the antennae (although due to iffy placement, most of them are upside down) – but I keep seeing it as bats. I think it’s partly because the black is printed on the grey rather than vice-versa.

#3: This one is plain dark grey marl underneath and on the front …


… but tabby on the back!


I grew up with cats – my whole family are cat people – and get on very well with them, and the Elf loves to tease me about my allegedly being part cat. I did the mackerel stripes with Dylon fabric paint and am very happy with how it turned out.

It’s been very nice to have a palate cleanser between more involved projects. After finishing these I feel much more ready to dive back into something complex.

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2 Responses to Small projects

  1. Andie L. says:

    I love that rainbow shirt! 🙂 🙂 Nothing like easier projects to rid a wadder from your mind. Great fix on the jeans, too. It’s so pretty on the inside!

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