“It accelerated smoothly, leaving physics squirming in its wake …”

I have written my fair share of fan fiction (lo these many years ago) but never fanart – never had the knack. Turned out all I needed was a change of medium.

cushion-3.jpegAs well as a reasonably functional cushion (see! form and utility!) this is also an abstract representation, in patchwork form, of an antediluvian alien intelligence manifesting as an outgrowth of black cubes fighting another ancient alien intelligence manifesting as an entire oceanic ecosystem, as portrayed near the beginning of Alastair Reynolds’ Absolution Gap. (I love Reynolds’ writing, and would highly recommend it if you like hard science fiction.)

Not pictured: boat-bound humans desperately attempting to get out of the way.


I’m stuck between garment projects, so have been messing around with patchwork. This began as an experiment in producing work with 3D forms growing out of it, so I decided to make some cubes, then remembered the terrible alien cubes and ran with the theme, pulling out all the sea-coloured fabrics in my stash and also making some icebergs.


I’m quite pleased with how the 3D parts held their shape – the cubes are stuffed, the icebergs are stiff enough fabric to stand up. They aren’t rigid, and will squash when sat on.


Other textural features I experimented with: gathering and pleating to create volume; shaped seams to produce sticky-up bits (technical term). Creating a wave effect was harder than I expected; something to experiment further with in the future.


The rest is regular patchwork, improv pieced until I had enough coverage.


The back is a remnant of blue upholstery fabric I had, with a stripe for interest.


So there you have it; one of my odder projects, but great fun, and I’m pleased with the result. Have you ever done fanart, fabric or otherwise?



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