Top 5s of 2015


‘Tis the season! Tis the season for the annual sewing roundup hosted by Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow.


I haven’t sewn as much this year as last year, and I’ve blogged much less. Some of this is for good reasons: I made a conscious decision to read more books; I’ve done a lot of stuff for LARP and Brownies; I’ve started going to tai chi classes. But I have also had several spells of illness, and over summer/early autumn (prime sewing/photography time with good light) work was absolutely vile. It’s eased off now and I have my fingers crossed that it’s going to stay that way.

I did get a decent amount made, though, so onto the actual sewing!



Red & black leggings – these have had bags of wear. They look reasonably smart for leggings and are massively comfy. They’re also a fraction smaller than the black pair thanks to a snafu with the seam allowance, so they don’t bag as badly.


Boots – so good to have boots that fit! They’ve garnered several compliments too. The glue is starting to go, but with a touch-up they should last a while longer.


Tabby t-shirt – I wear all three of these t-shirts a lot but the tabby is my favourite. The stripes are gradually fading out as it gets worn and washed; I might repaint them at some point.

SILVER TROUSERS – alas as yet unblogged! I made a pair of high-waisted side-button silver trousers for a retro space LARP and they’re fantastic. Still haven’t gotten good photos of them yet so you’ll have to take my word for it.


Space patchwork! My venture into fabric-based fan art, while a bit out of my usual line, came out very satisfyingly and even got the author’s stamp of approval on Twitter, which was pretty cool!


Few; I mostly stuck with tried-and-tested patterns this year. The one that bugs me is a shirt made from my self-drafted bodice block – the torso fits beautifully, but I did something wrong with the sleeves (no clue what – the toile was fine) and they’re way too tight. I’ve probably got enough to recut, but I can’t face ripping out all those flat-felled seams and also redoing the cuffs.

The Rocket shirt isn’t a total miss – I do wear it – but the sleeves are too long and the buttonholes slightly too big, which are the kind of minor niggles that get to you after a while.



  • Running a LARP campaign as joint ref/writer. I continue to be amazed by the directions people run in when you hand them the plot string. And at the bloody-minded dedication of people determined to finish the damn game even if it’s dark, misty, or raining horizontally.
  • Going to Glastonbury again in June with my good friend Rhiannon. We’ve done this three times now which makes it a tradition.
  • Taking my Brownies on Pack Holiday and bringing them all back alive, uninjured and happy.



  • Make a Regency-ish costume for a LARP in February, to go with my charity-shop tailcoat. I have the shirt for this mostly done.
  • Make another coat! Meant to get one in this winter but didn’t. I have the fabric ready and the pattern cut out (McCall’s 6800.)
  • Sew more.
  • Make socks. I’m teaching myself naalbinding, and almost have a wearable prototype. Huge, warm, Yorkshire-proof socks.


I realise only one of those categories was a 5. Ah well, spirit of the thing. Check out the thread with links to many other people’s posts here.

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