A frilly shirt

Every LARPer should own one! I made this for Tales out of Anchor, an indoor LARP for which the kit brief is approximately Regency with touches of 1930s China. Links to other kit pieces for this event to go here as they go up. Photos taken post-event, after two days of wear …



The bodice block on this is my old workhorse V8772 (pattern | my versions), with the front cut on the fold and all the darts omitted (just left unsewn, except for the shoulder darts where I eased the extra in.) For the collar, I used the V8772 collar stand pattern piece and made it taller. The sleeves are self-drafted, with a very flat sleeve cap to give a wide sleeve, which is then pleated into the cuff. The cuffs have little circular flounces on them, which are double-layered and quite stiff.


The cuffs and collar are interfaced with calico and are lovely and solid.

The edge of the CF ruffle is the fabric selvedge – this fabric frays like anything and responded badly when I tested narrow-hemming some scraps. The raw edge of the slit is enclosed with pre-made white bias tape which also forms the neck ties.


The tape is a little bit of sewing history: it came out of my late grandmother’s stash, untouched – still in its plastic – and is probably around 40 years old. It felt kind of weird using it up; I’m glad I was able to put it to use but there’s also something slightly odd about it.

I flat-felled all the seams. The hem is finished with the last of the white bias tape, turned and blindstitched by hand.


The fabric is white Oxford shirting from Croft Mill, bought just about a year ago specifically to be a frilly shirt and then sat patiently in the stash until I got to making one. It has a very slight sort of piqué texture and is so fine it’s see-through – not completely, but enough to clearly indicate the colour of anything underneath. Gorgeous stuff.


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