Tales out of Anchor


The preceding three costume posts were all for the same game, Tales out of Anchor Event 2, held at YHA Langdale in the first week of February. Here you see the finished outfit.

My entire character, never mind the outfit, started with the tailcoat, which is proof that you should always look in the charity shop even if you were in there last week. The reason my TooA character is a Navy man – or the closest equivalent when you live on a flying island and pilot a zeppelin – is so I could turn up in this coat. The rest of the costume was made to go with it.

Photos taken in-character by photographic wizard Tom Garnett. Period effects on the top picture also by Tom.


Waistcoat: Harlots & Angels Sweeney (pattern | post)
Shirt: Heavily modified from Vogue 8772 (pattern | post)
Trousers: Heavily modified from Sewaholic Thurlow (pattern | post)
Red cravat: self-drafted
Tailcoat: Sue Ryder Vintage, Headingley
Boots: Duo (now owned by Ted&Muffy), end of line sale

About Craft (Alchemy)

I make things and make things up.
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1 Response to Tales out of Anchor

  1. Frankie says:

    I loe this outfit you look fantastic, Im very curious about the whole larp thing at the moment! it looks fun!

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