Travelling sock bag

I mentioned in my 2015 roundup post that I’d been experimenting with sock-making using the ancient technique called naalbinding. I’ve done three test socks and am nearly finished with my first pair of real socks, which is very exciting.

Before Christmas, when I was trying to get my head round the process, I decided to make a project bag for the in-progress sock so I could take it with me when travelling to visit family. It’s a simple lined pocket with the corners boxed, made from two rectangles so that both patterns show on the inside and the outside. I can’t remember how I did this, but here’s a halfway photo from just before I put one side inside the other.


And the outside:


I also made a tiny zipped pouch to keep the scissors, needle and safety pins (I use them instead of stitch markers) contained and make sure the yarn doesn’t get caught on them in transit.


The back of the pouch has another pocket with a loop of grosgrain ribbon in it, which I clip the safety pins onto when they’re not in use. The needle goes in the back panel.


The finished bag has enough room for a whole sock and a sock under construction, the scissor pouch and the in-use ball of yarn (with a bit of shoving). It fits nicely in the front pocket of my rucksack when travelling.


I made the bag and pouch to coordinate with my patchwork bag, which has become the home of my yarn oddments. They’ve got a lot of use in the last few months and it’s amazing how handy something this simple can be.


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