Stuff I’ve made

Finished objects are being added to this page sorted chronologically by when I finished them, newest at the top. This does not correspond to the order I’ve posted about them, because I am way too disorganised for that.

February 2015

Red Paprika Patterns Jasper sweater-dress

January 2015

MyImage 1253, black with red contrast

Refashioned/altered boots

December 2014

Brigid’s Cross mini-quilt

November 2014

Grey and black zip-tastic Vogue 1419

October 2014

Blue space-age Vogue 1419

Black Nettie with bonus dragon spines

September 2014

Leather LARP jerkin

August 2014

Red Closet Case Nettie bodysuit

Various bits of LARP kit – scarf, bracer, quiver

June 2014

PVC skirt from stash (distant descendant of the Thurlow)

Leather LARP trousers (M1253/Thurlow)

May 2014

MyImage 1253A, trousers with pleated insert 

Jeans! (based on the Sewaholic Thurlow pattern)

April 2014

The Winter Coco

The Least Tasteful Item (based on the Victoria blazer)

March 2014

The Joker Jacket (based on the Victoria blazer)

Vogue 8772 #7, in red and black

Vogue 8772 #6, in purple

Blue Victoria Blazer

Viking-style kyrtill

February 2014

Wizard costume from Simplicity 4923, including hat

Sewaholic Thurlows, in dark red

January 2014

Hero Pants!

Demon of Faith costume – dress and cloak

December 2013

Sewaholic Thurlow trousers, in black and white checks

November 2013

A cushion with Vikings on

October 2013

The Ski Jumper

Vogue 8772 #5, in blue

September 2013

Lekala 5016 #3, in grey, AKA The Accidental Vest

Lord Byron shirt, AKA Burda 07-13-107

August 2013

The Big Black Cloak

Lekala 5016 #2, contrast side panel edition

Lekala 5016 waistcoat

Vogue 8772 #4, in Liberty and black

July 2013

Boxer shorts sort of based on Butterick 5044 AKA The Clown Pants

Butterick 5044 #2, eye-watering print edition

June 2013

Vogue 8772 #3, in red

Butterick 5044, Glastonbury edition

May 2013

Vogue 8772 #2, in blue

April 2013

Vogue 8772, in black w/ cherry print

January 2013

The Eagle Cloak

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